Data Analytics & Insights

What are Data Analytics & Insights?

We track and interpret your data analytics to help fix poorly performing campaigns, optimize for your best-performing campaigns, and identify any leaks in your marketing and sales funnels

Data Analytics & Insights

Why are Data Analytics & Insights important?

  • You need to have the right data when evaluating what is working or not working in your marketing campaigns.
  • Collect essential information to help you fully understand customer behavior, fix poorly performing campaigns, and optimize for your best-performing campaigns.
  • Spot the leaks in your marketing and sales funnels.
  • Discover ways you can improve your website’s user experience.

Our Approach to Data Analysis and Insights

It’s impossible to build the best digital marketing campaign without a fundamental understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Data-driven decision-making is a key part of any digital campaign. There’s a time and a place for gut instincts, but they should always be tested and measured to ensure that they are as effective as you think they will be. Your website and messaging efforts are able to give you all kinds of information that can be used to tweak your website to better meet the needs of your website’s visitors.

We use a comprehensive suite of analytics to understand who your website visitors are and where they are coming from. This information helps us gain a better understanding of what your target audience does online. With this information, we can better target your PR, link-building, and offsite SEO efforts.

We get a deeper understanding of what they spend time interacting with on your website and what they ignore or don’t understand. Having a deeper understanding of what is working best on your website helps us work hand-in-hand with you to tweak your website content to maximize its ability to convert visitors into customers. This kind of information is also valuable to analyzing your website’s sales funnel to identify the places that are not performing as well as they should.

Our analytics and reporting services aren’t just limited to your audience and website. We also gather data on your marketing messages including what social media, email, and content messaging resonates with your audience and what falls flat. Understanding what messages work for your audience and what messages don’t allows you, over time, to develop more powerful messages that drive traffic, convert sales, and expand your reach.

All of this data allows us to constantly improve on our efforts to help your business. We provide all of this information to you on a regular basis so you are fully informed and understand what we are doing and why. This is the information you need to make the ongoing changes needed to keep your website fresh and relevant so you stay top of mind for your clients and potential customers.

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