Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation streamlines your marketing and lead generation efforts, by increasing efficiency, segmenting your audience for micro-targeting, and gaining better insight into prospect behavior

Marketing Automation

Why is Marketing Automation important?

  • Streamline your marketing and lead generation efforts with marketing automation - it saves you and your team time and money while bringing in more, better-qualified leads to your business
  • Increased efficiency in your marketing efforts. No lead will go unprospected and you will no longer have to worry about forgetting to send that crucial follow-up email or text message.
  • Generate more qualified leads. Your marketing automation system is able to create a better lead scoring system by combining multiple criteria.
  • Get a better view of prospect behavior. With a marketing automation system, you can view an individual prospect’s behavior across a variety of channels. This will give you a better overall view of prospect behavior.
  • Better ability to micro-target your audience. Marketing automation allows you to create multiple, targeted campaigns for smaller segments of your audience.
  • Get better data about your campaigns. A marketing automation program that works within your CRM program can show you not only what campaign worked but what customers each campaign worked for.

Our Approach

When it comes to having a sales and marketing strategy that works, efficiency is key. SalesOptima Digital can help streamline your marketing and lead generation efforts by implementing marketing automation. A well-executed marketing automation plan can save your business time and money while bringing better-qualified leads into your pipeline.

Why Marketing Automation matters

  • Streamline your marketing campaigns – get more done in marketing and sales with less time and resources

  • Eliminate missed opportunities – no more losing track of important leads or forgetting to send that crucial follow-up email or text message

  • Generate more qualified leads by using a multivariate lead scoring system

  • Gain clearer insights into prospect behavior – marketing automation can help you see an individual prospect’s behavior as they navigate your website and sales funnel

  • Marketing automation also enables you to micro-target your audience, meaning you can create more accurately targeted marketing campaigns

  • Gather the data that tells you which campaigns work and for which target markets

Our team of marketing professionals can take care of the technical side of marketing automation, as we implement a comprehensive marketing automation plan that will bring you results. We’ll also set this up to work seamlessly as it connects your various sales and marketing tools and processes.

All Our Clients Get

Marketing Strategy | Efficient Implementation | Ongoing Optimization | Customized Marketing Solutions |  Digital Marketing Expertise

Our Marketing Automation services include

  • Platform evaluation. When it comes to marketing automation, where do you start? By picking the right platform for your needs - our experts will show you the platforms available and help you choose the right one for you.
  • Marketing automation plan. We’ll discuss your business's specific goals and design a custom marketing automation strategy to help you meet them.
  • Platform integration. Now that your automation system is up and running, we will ensure that the marketing system and the CRM system work flawlessly together by setting up integrations and testing them.
  • Ongoing support. Once your marketing automation is implemented, we’ll also make sure your team is trained on how to use it. Our team will also help address any questions or issues that come up as we go.

Schedule a time with us and we’ll show you how our marketing automation services will make your sales and marketing processes operate like a well-oiled machine that gets your business bottom-line results.

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