Local Listings Management

What is Local Listings Management?

We get all your franchise locations publicly listed across all the major platforms and business directories to help optimize for local searches, and to help everyone find you from anywhere online.

Local Listings Management

Why is Local Listings Management important?

  • Get listed on a wide variety of platforms like Apple Maps, Google Business, Google Maps, Facebook Places, Tripadvisor, Elocal, Find Open, Foursquare, etc.
  • Get more organic traffic from interested users
  • Make sure more, positive information is out there about your business across all platforms for those looking for it

Our Approach to Local Listings Management

Local Listings Management is an SEO strategy that is specifically geared towards local businesses. It involves a process for distributing correct information about your business through all the major business directories on Google, Facebook, Bing, Apple Maps, etc.

SalesOptima Digital’s services for Local Listings Management involve taking a wide selection of actions to boost your visibility and your relationship with local customers, by making sure every customer finds information about your business, regardless of where they search. SalesOptima Digital can do this for every location of your franchise business, even with hundreds of different locations.

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Included as part of our Local Listings Management

  • Google Business Profile, Apple Maps, & Facebook: There are three primary ways that your local customers will find a business when they're ready to shop: Google, Apple, and Facebook. We curate your presence on each of these essential platforms to make sure your business is on every important digital map.
  • Location Data Optimization & Management: Accurate location data is essential for local listings management. Not only do you want people to become aware of your business, you also want them to be able to find you. We will make sure every local listing has your entire set of location data, optimize your data for accuracy and performance, and manage that data to ensure every platform is updated and accurate.
  • Category Development: With over 3000 business categories to choose from for your Google Business Profile, category selection can be challenging when you are unversed with the possibilities. Specificity matters! Category development allows us to hone our marketing efforts based on the behaviors of your growing audience and the offerings at your individual businesses, to choose the best categories for your locations. This helps your business locations be more competitive in rankings.
  • Data Distribution: Local listings management involves a wide selection of platforms and listings, and all must be kept up-to-date and accurate. We handle the data updates and distribution any time your listings, promotions, or details need to change – even by individual location.
  • Bulk Profile Accounts for Google Business Profiles: If you have several business locations, we can handle bulk profile accounts when working with your Google Business Profile. This will ensure your brand remains consistent in your listings from one location to the next.

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