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Not all marketing agencies are created equal. Some specialize in email marketing and social media. But most are cookie-cutter agencies – they focus on marketing businesses with campaigns that aren’t geographically specific. This approach often lacks the nuance required for franchise businesses. This is why you need a Franchise Marketing Agency that understands the unique challenges and opportunities of franchising. The best Franchise Digital Marketing Agency works with clients to develop customized campaigns and strategies. Because they deploy systems tailored to each location, these efforts ensure effective, targeted marketing that drives results.

SalesOptima Digital is different – we focus on marketing local businesses but with world-class marketing chops. We help local companies to grow with better marketing, fully tailored to their specific industry. Because we understand the subtleties of marketing local businesses and the importance of a strategy that gets the most bang for your franchise through online marketing. Our process allows us to focus on creating intelligent marketing strategies that target the right audiences with the right messaging at the right time.

When we work with a business, we treat them as a partner and fully invest ourselves in their business. As a Franchise Digital Marketing Specialist, we go all in and become an extension of their company – the marketing and advertising arm of the business.

Focus on running your business while we take care of your marketing. But, whenever you need something, you’ll have complete confidence we are here, any time or day of the week. We commit ourselves to being the digital marketing partner for franchises you can rely on to be the best.


The Results Speak For Themselves

15 Years experience | $250+ Million of Ad Spend | Billions in Sales Generated | 75 Businesses Served | 100% Digital Marketing Professionals

Multi-Location Business Owners, Operators, and Franchisees Trust SalesOptima Digital

SalesOptima Digital is a team of Franchise Digital Marketing specialists who are passionate about helping local businesses that are looking for digital marketing for franchise businesses. Secondly, we work with partners, not customers, and only with companies we are aligned with and can confidently help grow and get results. Third and most important, we believe in transparency and strive to debunk Franchise Marketing Myths, providing our partners with accurate information and tailored strategies that pave the way for successful digital marketing endeavors.


We work with:

– Franchises with 2 – 200 locations

– Established businesses looking to expand (not startups)

– Individual franchisees as well as corporate offices

– Industries that operate via lead generation for high-ticket products/services

– Brands looking to drive more local foot traffic with Waze 

Multi-Location Business Owners, Operators, and Franchisees Trust SalesOptima Digital

Franchises and Brick & Mortar Businesses

Some examples of industries we’ve worked with:


– Automotive

– Boat Dealership

– Car dealership

– Various types of brick-and-mortar stores

Are you working with other agencies already? Not a problem; we can fully collaborate with any other agencies you are working with! This collaboration can enhance your overall marketing efforts and amplify results. The Benefits of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency like ours extend beyond just standalone services!

Your Partner in Marketing

We pride ourselves on being a trusted marketing partner to those work with. Not only we become an extension of your business but we also bring our experience from managing $250+ million worth of marketing for our clients. Whether you need help with SEO, PPC, SEM, and SMM (or any other marketing acronym you may or may not be familiar with), our team will create and execute the strategy, campaigns, and ongoing optimization, that will help your business grow. With a keen eye on the Franchise Marketing Outlook, we ensure that our efforts align with industry trends and best practices to secure a prosperous future for your franchise.

Digital Discovery

With SalesOptima as your trusted digital marketing partner, you’ll be confident that we understand your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Excellent marketing strategy makes for great marketing campaigns – our marketing professionals will identify challenges and opportunities while creating a powerful franchise digital marketing strategy.

Marketing Campaign Implementation

Get marketing off your plate as our team develops and implements proven local marketing strategies into effective marketing campaigns.

Reporting and Optimization

Reporting and Optimization

Unlike many other agencies, we don’t just build something and stop…we’ll continue to refine and optimize your marketing campaigns over time as your business grows.

SalesOptima Digital - Your Marketing Partner


What is franchise digital marketing?

The term “franchise digital marketing” describes the marketing initiatives and tactics used by a franchisor or a franchisee to advertise a franchise business through digital channels. In order to raise brand awareness, entice potential franchisees, and foster customer engagement, this approach involves utilising a variety of digital marketing strategies and platforms. Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and online reputation management are a few examples of franchise digital marketing activities. But, to effectively reach the target audience, generate leads, grow the franchise network, and boost sales at multiple franchise locations, it is important to use digital tools and strategies.

What are franchises in marketing?

In marketing, the term “franchise” refers to a company that uses the franchising business model. This is because a franchisor grants independent people or companies (franchisees) the ability to run a company using the franchisor’s well-established name, operating procedures, and marketing tactics. As a result, franchises profit from the franchisor’s marketing expertise, well-known brand, and tried-and-true marketing tactics in the context of marketing. Usually, the franchisor offers assistance with local marketing initiatives as well as national or regional advertising campaigns, marketing materials, and marketing advice. Franchises in marketing give people the chance to work for a well-known company and gain from group marketing initiatives while still having some control over their day-to-day operations.

Why is digital marketing important to a franchise?

A franchise needs digital marketing for a variety of reasons. To begin with, it enables the franchise to stand out in a crowded market. Because it first helps increase brand visibility and awareness among the target audience. Furthermore, franchises can reach a larger audience and attract potential customers using digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media marketing. Additionally, digital marketing enables precise targeting, ensuring marketing initiatives focus on the appropriate audience in particular geographic areas. Additionally, it offers insightful data analytics that allows franchises to assess their marketing initiatives’ success and make fact-based decisions. Digital marketing gives franchisees the tools they need to develop their brands, engage customers, and boost profits.

What is the best type of franchise marketing?

The target market, industry, and particular franchise goals are just a few variables that affect which franchise marketing strategy is best. However, the most successful digital marketing campaigns frequently combine several different tactics. This could involve using search engine optimization (SEO) to increase online visibility, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for immediate visibility and targeted reach, social media marketing to interact with the audience, content marketing to deliver helpful information and establish trust, and email marketing to nurture leads and increase conversions. A thorough and multi-channel approach, rooted in the understanding of starting a franchise marketing agency, can maximize brand exposure, generate leads, and foster business growth by incorporating these strategies and customizing them to the franchise’s specific needs.

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