Why you need a Franchise Marketing Agency

Franchise Marketing Agency

Hiring a marketing agency is a way to bring expert assistance into your marketing efforts. A great marketing agency, and especially a great franchise marketing agency, will be able to understand your business model and generate new marketing ideas, refine existing efforts, and get the marketing work off your plate. The right agency will help bring new leads, more revenue, and ultimately more profit for your franchise business.

Great marketing is more difficult than it used to be. It doesn’t cut it to have a single simple marketing strategy, because the consumer landscape is constantly changing. A lot goes into having a solid marketing strategy these days, and doing it all on top of running a business can be next to impossible.

Let’s break down what’s involved in franchise marketing, and some of the benefits of working with a franchise marketing agency.

What Is Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing

Simply put, franchise marketing involves the various marketing activities that help your franchise grow.

Franchise marketing helps to…

  • Generate more leads
  • Create brand awareness
  • Educate consumers
  • Convert leads to customers

We go more into the specific strategies involved later in this article.

Note: technically, There are two main types of franchise marketing:

  1. Operational franchise marketing: marketing get more customers to grow a business
  2. Franchise development marketing: marketing intended to find and attract franchise owners to start new franchise locations

While some of the strategies involved can be the same, we are focusing more on Operational Franchise Marketing for this article (i.e. helping franchise businesses get more customers).

Why you need a Franchise Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency for Franchise Business

Create new paths for leads

They’ll find new ways to attract more and better leads to your business, often through completely new channels. They might start getting you customers from social media, or through PPC, for example.

Save money on marketing with better strategy

Don’t spray and pray with your marketing budget. A good agency will help ensure your marketing strategy reliably gets results (and they’ll help keep track of it too!)

Help establishing or growing your online presence

Make sure customers can find you online (and know about you when looking for solutions).

Leverage marketing expertise

People spend their entire careers specializing in one type of marketing. Imagine how much better the SEO specialist is at SEO than the business owner who is trying to figure it out on the side.

Franchise marketing agencies understand the franchise part

Often, marketing professionals and agencies understand the marketing of online businesses (ecommerce, business consultants, etc.) much more than brick-and-mortar or franchise businesses. These types of businesses face different types of challenges, and it’s important to have someone who gets that. They need to understand how to run marketing campaigns in a very localized way.

Great new ideas you can use

A franchise marketing agency doesn’t just help with the execution and implementation, they bring fresh new ideas to use in your marketing and your business. Often these can be game-changing realizations based on decades of marketing expertise.

What a Franchise Marketing Agency can do for you:


Search Engine Optimization

SEO campaigns to help you get more organic traffic to your website, by improving your search engine rankings (SERPs).

Why it matters: Better-ranked websites on Google get far more visitors and are seen as more credible than lower-ranked sites.

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

Generate sales or leads from launch, with PPC Ads through Google Adwords. With campaigns around specific keywords, demographics, and even purchasing intent.

Why it matters: PPC is the fastest method to get targeted visitors, and is one of the most successful forms of digital marketing.

Social Media Ads

Run hyper-targeted campaigns to your competitor’s customers, specific demographics, or interest groups.

Why it matters: 74% of consumers rely on social media to guide purchasing decisions

Google Local Service Ads

With Google Local Services Ads, you can create ad campaigns that show up (only) when potential customers search from your local geographical area. You pay for the number of customers.

Why it matters: Only pay when a customer gets in touch directly from your ad, and you get higher quality leads than leads from standard PPC campaigns.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is a way to buy ads on a website at the exact moment a visitor loads a website. The process is simpler, faster, and far more efficient than the old way.

Why it matters: Programmatic Advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways for your business to be everywhere on the internet. The process is far simpler and faster than manually negotiating and buying ads on websites.

Marketing Strategy

A Franchise Marketing agency will research your target market and craft a custom Marketing Strategy, using a combination of inbound marketing, lead nurturing, SEO, SEM, PPC, and/or social media ad campaigns.

Marketing Automation

An agency can help implement Marketing Automation into your business. This streamlines your marketing and lead gen efforts, by increasing efficiency, and segmenting your audience for micro-targeting.

Why it matters: Without a well-defined Marketing Strategy, it’s impossible to reliably achieve the goals you have for your business. A Marketing Strategy can help you finally know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing your business.

Why it matters: Marketing automation helps to streamline your marketing and lead generation efforts, increase consistency and conversions, and keep better track of data and analytics.

Data Analytics & Insights

A Franchise Marketing agency can track and interpret your data analytics to help fix poorly performing campaigns, optimize for your best-performing campaigns, and identify any leaks in your marketing and sales funnels.

Why it matters: Collect essential information to help you fully understand customer behavior, fix poorly performing campaigns, and optimize for your best-performing campaigns.

Local Listings Management

Get all your franchise locations publicly listed across all the major platforms and business directories to help optimize for local searches, and to help everyone find you from anywhere online.

Why it matters: Get listed on a wide variety of platforms like Apple Maps, Google Business, Google Maps, Facebook Places, Tripadvisor, Foursquare, and basically everywhere else that matters.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM involves a combination of pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising that puts your product/service in front of your customers right at the time are thinking about buying, with an immediate ROI.

Why it matters: Search Engine Marketing involves a combination of pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising that allow you to reach your customers right they start looking for solutions, which allows you to see an immediate ROI on campaigns.

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